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Updates to Stripe Payments

If you use Stripe for collecting credit card payments you are likely to have received a notification from Xero about changes to your Stripe account and the way that it interacts with Xero. There is nothing that you need to do at your end, we'll look after the changes for you.

What are the changes?

The integration between Xero and Stripe is gradually being enhanced. There are a number of improvements in the pipeline, however, for a start your Stripe account will start to be managed by Xero. All Stripe fees and charges will be managed by Xero. Stripe functionality will not change, except, when you log onto Stripe (after January 16) you will see Xero branding.

Stripe payments will drop straight into Xero, which means that you will see them immediately.

If we have any Stripe-related automations set up for you, we will adjust these to reflect the changes.

Below is an overview of the changes:

  • Your pre-existing Stripe account within Xero is replaced by Stripe with a new account and new account ID.
  • The new Stripe account and account ID is created using your pre-existing Stripe account details. 
  • Any new transactions, including payments made on outstanding invoices automatically appear in your new Stripe account in Xero.
  • If you’re currently using a Stripe feed, a new one is automatically set up in Xero.
  • When you log in to Stripe, the new account along with Xero’s branding, in addition to your pre-existing Stripe account(s) show.
  • Your pre-existing Stripe account(s) and all past transaction details are available via the Stripe dashboard.

There is nothing that you need to do, except be aware that the changes are coming. We'll look after the rest.