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Scott Elsom - A Business Nomad

Who is Scott?

A business nomad who loves to travel, loves business, loves community and loves 'doing stuff' with those close to him.Scott-Elsom

Helping other people is what floats my boat, particularly helping others to succeed in businesses that they are passionate about. I have worked (as a contractor and as an employee) with many businesses, ranging from small family businesses to large multi-nationals, some highly successful and others failing, in different industries and in different countries. However, I am drawn to small businesses in Australia.

Lifestyle is important to me. My goal in life is to be able to to 'what I want, when I want'.

Being able to work from anywhere and generating passive income are key requirements for me to be able to do 'what I want, when I want'. Marita, my life and business partner, and I have worked hard to design our businesses to achieve this goal. We on the stunning Sunshine Coast, and wake up to the Maroochy River and the pounding waves of Pacific Ocean every morning. I have two grown up children who are now finding their own way in the world. Watching them grow and develop fascinates me and motivates me to leave my part of the world in better shape than I found it.

I have no ambition to ever retire. My work is my hobby. For me, stopping work would be like stopping breathing!

What is Scott passionate about?

A Business Nomad

I am passionate about small business and the people in them. I am drawn to people, like me, who want to build their business while still enjoying life. To use a term developed by Marita in the early 2000's I am passionate about becoming and developing Business Nomads. That is, business owners who have designed their business to be operated and grown from anywhere in the world.

My ideal client is an existing or an aspiring Business Nomad.


I believe in 'giving back' to the communities in which I live and work. So, each month I allocate a portion of my time to community building activities.

Previously I have sat on the management committee of the Association for Sustainable Communities and have been heavily involved with the Bellbunya Eco Village since its creation in 2008. I was Treasurer of the Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce and am currently their Treasurer. My Accounting and IT background allow me to add value to these organisations. And in return I get to meet some amazing people who I may not normally cross paths with - they broaden my view of the world.

A long-term goal is to set up All Sorted For Good - a foundation that will provide business support and mentoring to businesses operating in the communities where our staff, and their families, live and work.


I have travelled and worked extensively around Australia and around the world.

In 1976 my parents remodelled an old school bus, handed the farm over to my uncle to run, took my two brothers and myself out of school and headed off around Australia. This nurtured my curiosity about the world and ever since I have had a hunger to see, and experience, how other people live, work and play.

However, it wasn’t until I met Marita that the concept of working and travelling as a business nomad struck me. Now this is what I strive for.

Tikopia (My Utopia)

By chance, when flying from Los Angeles to Brisbane in 1998 I looked out the plane window and noticed a very unique looking island. ItTikopia was surrounded by a coral reef and had a distinctive lake in the middle. I checked the in-flight flight tracker to see where we were located (just south of the Solomon Islands) and made a mental note to check it out when I got home.

I had discovered a remarkable island called Tikopia. Relatively untouched by the outside world Tikopia is one of the finest examples of traditional sustainable development. It has been inhabited by Polynesians for over 3000 years and, in the main, has maintained self sufficiency for that entire period (true sustainability!). Tikopia is very remote and difficult to get to, but it is my travel goal to spend time on this amazing island.

Accessing the internet may be an issue for me though !

Tikopia is my Utopia

I have also lived in Sri Lanka (2 years) and Iraq (4 years). And in 2018 Marita and I embarked on a 'Swiss adventure', where we lived in Zurich for 4 months.

What is Scott’s role at All Sorted?

My role at All Sorted is to supervise our staff and ensure that our clients get the best possible financial and business support. In essence, I am the interface between our accountants and bookkeepers and our clients. Additionally I am responsible for the overall management, performance and compliance of the business.

As a partner in the business I have the opportunity to influence the way it development. This allows me to advance Marita and my nomadic life plan.

Finally, for more information about me professionally, visit my LinkedIn page.