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Updated Employee Onboarding Process

From November 15, 2023, we will no longer accept email requests to onboard new employees (or contractors) into Xero.

Email is not a very secure method of communicating and transmitting an employee's personal details. Email is high risk.

We have implemented a new platform to securely and efficiently collect employee data and upload it to Xero.

The video (on right) demonstrates what is required of your new employee when completing the onboarding form.

Benefits to you

  • No more time spent getting onboarding forms together and explaining them to new employees. Just send a request through to us using this form. We'll do the rest.
  • No more chasing new employees for onboarding forms
  • No more paper forms
  • No more scanning and emailing documents
  • 100% compliance. You can be confident that all required documents have been provided and are securely filed in Xero
  • Employees can start the onboarding process, save their work and come back to it later. However, it can only be submitted when all sections have been completed (including bank account details). This means that if the onboarding form has not been submitted they can't get paid, because we don't have their bank account details.

The system will:

  1. Collect all required personal information of the new employee
  2. Collect bank account details
  3. Require the following documents to be completed by the new employee:
    1. A Tax File Number Declaration form
    2. A Super Choice form
    3. An authority to email payslips
  4. Require new employees to acknowledge receiving the following compliance documents:
    1. Fair Work Information Statement
    2. Casual Employee Information Statement (if a casual employee)
Depending on your requirements we can also include the following:
    • Acceptance and signing of employment an agreement
    • The requirement to upload certifications such as RSA's, qualifications, trade certifications

The cost

As there is no way for us to determine how often you are likely to onboard a new employee this task is outside of the scope of your bookkeeping agreement. There will be a cost for this service, which will be billed when used.

However, while we are testing and refining the process there will be no charge.

We expect to start charging for this service from Jan 1, 2024. So if you want to test it out, now is the time.