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Get paid online, straight into Xero

The easier you make it for customers to pay you, the faster you'll receive payment – that’s good news for both your cash flow position and your aged debt levels!

We use a wide range of online payment services for our service-based clients that link directly with Xero – making it quick and simple for customers to settle their bills. These payment methods are linked straight into Xero to automatically update and reconcile your accounts.

A more connected kind of payment

At the heart of the finance systems that we recommend and use is Xero. Being a fully cloud-based accounting system, We can easily connect a wide range of efficient and cost-effective payment options to your customers. Our preferred systems are listed below:

Direct Debit Payments

GoCardless lets you set up direct debits and collect payments for your Xero invoices automatically. You can also get an authorisation from your customers to automatically collect payments for all future dated, approved invoices.

We recommend that you require all invoices to be paid in this way (along with 7 day payment terms)

Below are some articles that explain the process further:



Subscription Payments

Many of our service-based and software clients provide a subscription service and are paid weekly, monthly or annually for the service. Using Xero's integration with GoCardless and/or Stripe we are able to automate the collection, processing and accounting of these transactions.

Talk to us if you need a subscription payment system set up.



Card/Online Payments
Take card payments in person with iZettleSquare or Vend, and make it easy for the business to go cashless (and pull those payments straight into Xero)

Talk to us about Xero’s payment services

If you want to speed up payment times, we can help you choose the right payment service and get everything set up and connected with your main Xero system.