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2023-24 Annual Bookkeeping Agreements

Over the next two weeks you will receive an updated annual bookkeeping agreement for the 2023-34 financial year. Please review this and sign the new agreement prior to July 1 so that you are set up in our job management system prior to the expiration of your current agreement.

We will be raising our rates from July 1 and this will be reflected in your new agreements. 

Our new standard hourly rates will be:

       Bookkeeping Staff               - Was $65.00 (excl GST). Now $75.00 (excl GST)
       Senior Staff/Consulting        - Was $150.00 (excl GST). Now $165.00 (excl GST)

While we rely heavily on our internal modelling to determine our rates, we also rely on the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Annual Survey for an indication of what the industry is charging for routine bookkeeping, BAS and high-end bookkeeping. Unfortunately this year's Annual Survey of bookkeepers has not been released yet. However, we do know that there has been a significant increase in rates due to the increased cost of doing business, in general, but also additional compliance costs that have recently been imposed on Bookkeepers by the Tax Practitioners Board and the ATO. We have had to build these costs into our new pricing.

If you are interested in comparing bookkeeping rates you can view a summary of the 2021 survey findings here. You will find that All Sorted's rates are still well within the industry average.

We urge clients to review your rates at least annually. This is particularly prudent this year, as inflation is impacting every business this year and you should ensure that your rates reflect the added costs of doing business.

If you need a hand calculating new rated and modelling the impact of these on your business, feel free to talk to Scott and he will happily work through this process with you.

As always, if you have questions or comments, please let us know.